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What if you can generate leads
without having to invest in paid ads? 😎

… and the reason why I stopped focusing only on paid Ads and decided to use LinkedIn algorithm in my favour


Hello, I am Sorin DUMITRU and I will give you right now a technique consisting in 7 steps that may be a game changer for your business if you want to embrace the power of the algorithms in which big tech companies already invested millions of dollars to help you grow your business, for FREE.

There is an incredible efficient method to generate leads on auto-pilot, ultra-easily, using only your LinkedIn profile, without having to invest money in paid ads or feel overwhelmed by the prices charged by marketing agencies to run ads for you.

I explain everything in this article.

--- Attention, I have over 21 years of experience in sales and building online businesses and I have generated over 35 million euros for companies so far over in the last 3 years. The results that I will reveal may be difficult for you to obtain on your own. I even noticed that you often have to fail several times before you manage to succeed in anything in terms of finding the right formula that keeps you profitable. Do not read these lines if you want a solution that solves all your problems in a matter of a few minutes. ---

In terms of online sales and lead generation, I was deluded for a long time at the begining of my carrer by telling me that it was enough to use paid Ads for getting my products and services in front of my clients.

I was also told that it takes perseverance and patience.

So, like a good student, I followed all those fake gurus out there and official ad account managers, I did dozens of online Ads “the wrong way”, and I applied to the letter all the so called SECRET TECHNIQUES that consumed a lot of my marketing budget, not even hitting the ROI on Ad Spend most of the times.

After 2 months, the conclusion was clear:

1 - I had become just another mediocre individual following those strategies
2 - Most of the time, my investments in ads were not bringing any results
3 - I couldn’t scale my business, because the ad budget was eating big chunks out of my revenues.

Last year, while I was trying to get over the iOS 14 update, this even happened to me: no qualified leads for 2 straight weeks! Nothing was working anymore...for most business owners out there.

I have done everything right, followed the assigned Facebook and Google Ads account managers advices, but again this time I finally realised the cold, hard truth: paid Ads are no longer the guaranteed cash cow everyone was talking about!

Basically, if I continued like that, I was driving my business straight into the wall!!!

Countless hours invested in trying to make things work and struggling to keep my existing clients. I was clearly on the wrong track! But how come I even got there, to go trough all of that?

All I wanted was to bring steady revenue for my business and take care of my family.

Ideally, I should be getting new recurring paying customers each month.

But instead of getting to my planned $55k / month recurring revenue, what was happening mostly is me chasing new clients each day and spending most of my income on ineffective ads...feeling like I'm on a hamster wheel.

After reflecting and observing how my efforts are in vain, I was clearly mistaken, I was doing it very badly.

Looking closely, I realised that most people who start promoting their products and services online eventually give up, or don’t reach their full potential (this is for example the case of 95% of the professionals which tried to scale their business online).

And on the contrary, I can name you other people, who don’t even invest thousands of dollars into paid ads but who manage very easily to generate 30 to 50 warm leads every day for their business.

Do people who work on their products or services have time to spend on marketing and paid ads?

Do they have big budgets to burn on their online campaigns and manage to get profits in the end? No

To achieve this, I had to change my way of promoting my services.

So I made a brutal and counter-intuitive choice: never again focus only on paid ads and never again miss on the power of the algorithms that are already there for me as a business and to start leveraging the benefits of LinkedIn organic traffic for generating leads and sales 24/7, on auto-pilot.

At first sight, it seemed impossible since I had never tried to focus my efforts on learning the powers of those features provided to us by default.

But I finally managed to hack it and this is the method that I call today “LinkedIn Leads Generation Algorithm Hacking” and the result was immediately positive, in less than one week.

What is “LinkedIn Leads Generation Algorithm Hacking” ?

>> It is a technique that consists of leveraging your professional profile,  which aims to transform it into your free Leads Generations Machine that works for you 24/7.

Don’t worry, all this doesn’t require you to become an expert in LinkedIn strategies ar a Pro at using their paid ads features or even pay for a professional account subscription.
It’s much simpler than that!

In fact, this strategy takes less than 30 minutes to set up, and most importantly, from a selling perspective, allowed me to go from 40-50 qualified leads  per month to 10-15 leads per day in less than 1 day.

24 hours exactly!

My LinkedIn Messages and email Inbox exploded.

How was that possible?

By implementing these 7 Simple Steps To Generate Leads And Sales On Auto-Pilot:

1. Transforming my LinkedIn "employee" profile to a complete business sales page. 
2. Converting my empty header area with a banner that drives traffic to a sales funnel. 

3. Describing what I do right under my name, using intelligent keywords that help clients find my profile. 

4. Leveraging the new feature of LinkedIn to announce that I am Open For Business and showcasing my services. 

5. Creating my profile page to be multilingual. 

6. Repurposing my About section into a small sales letter. 

7. Using SEO techniques to upgrade my LinkedIn profile, transforming it into a mini-sales page. 

After seeing how these simple 7 steps transformed my business, I immediately gave a call to a few friends of mine to have them implement it as well, following my exact blueprint.

It was so powerful that one of them went from 10 closed leads a month to 3 closed leads per day, in less than 2 weeks. I’m not asking you to take my word for it, I’m going to prove it to you.

A lot of my other friends and partners that saw my LinkedIn profile number of followers increasing to now over 22.000 have come to see me lately and I’ve helped them out setting their profiles for a few hundred of dollars.

Now their profiles generates leads for them even in their sleep, waking up to new clients requests each day.

Today, rather than repeating myself orally or charging several hundred dollars for coaching, I have created a complete video training with over 27 actions you can take to leverage the power of the algorithms, for the price of a coffee and a croissant.

I've created a simple video in which I explain everything to you in 90 minutes

Inside, you will find, among other things:
✅   The complete strategy for generating leads on autopilot, even if you are not having a big marketing budget at our disposal
✅   How you can generate leads easily when you haven’t yet launched your product or service
✅   How to create your professional Leads Generation LinkedIn Profile
✅   How to easily transform an employee standard LinkedIn Profile into a business profile that generates sales
✅   The type of visual elements that are a must to implement and how you will use them
✅  A unique strategy for getting more views on your profile page
✅   How to finally become known as an expert in your network immediately
✅   How to use existing LinkedIn features for leads generation, even before launching your product
✅   Examples of those who are successful with this approach
✅   The mistakes that 99% of businesses on LinkedIn make when they seek to sell their services and products on this platform

This training is for those who hate wasting time and want a quick way to generate sales, with no paid ads.

I actually give you this entire training for only $6.7

I looked at what costs $6.7 and that you could buy yourself instead of this training:

> a coffee and a croissant in the morning
> a slice of pizza and a can of soda from a takeaway restaurant
> a single-ride ticket for public transportation within a city
> a cup of tea and a muffin from a local bakery
> a single scoop of ice cream in a cone 

A concrete guarantee

>> If you ever don’t like this training, I will immediately refund you the $6.7, and in addition, you can keep the training knowledge. 
>> I realise the price is really cheap, and you can expect to have a catch afterwards, but it’s not.
>> I just hope that if you enjoy this training, then maybe we do some other business together later.

It’s really a limited offer, so take advantage of it before it’s too late

Click here:

Thank you for reading all this text and I look forward to hearing from you after the training.


PS: if you are like me and you go directly to the bottom of the page without reading the text, here is a summary of what I offer you:

✔ A complete training for you to generate leads on autopilot, 24/7, with no paid ads involved
✔ I show you how to transform your “employee” profile into a business profile that generates sales
✔ I show you how to generate traffic to your profile and sales funnel
✔ I give you an example of my own profile with 22.000 followers
✔ I film my screen and show you how your profile can also look
✔ I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t

The training is at $6.7 , satisfied or reimbursed. If ever it does not suit you, I will refund you and in addition you can keep it. Consider this my coffee and croissant offering to you.

Click HERE to enjoy it before its final withdrawal, when I launch this training course officially for $1997.

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures shown above are our personal sales figures as well as those of some of our students. Please understand that these results are not typical, we do not mean that you will reproduce them (or do anything else). We have been practicing internet marketing for several years, which allows us to have a well-established clientele. The average person who buys online training gets little to no results. We use these references only by way of example. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including, but not limited to, your background, experience, and work ethic. Any business activity involves risk, as well as massive and consistent effort and action.

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